COVID-19 rapid antigen test in Fira

19 €

By means of a respiratory sample, this test rapidly detects the presence of the antigen in order to determine if your symptoms are due to a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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The test will be carried out at the Fira Gran Via venue - Hall 1 facilities

Remember that by COVID Protocol all appointments must be NOMINAL.

  • Inmediate results.

  • Medical prescription not required.

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Más información

The antigen test is designed to diagnose Covid-19 and the sample is the same as for the PCR test, i.e. nasopharyngeal, it is not required to take it with an empty stomach.

The great advantage is that the result is available in 15 minutes and it is a highly sensitive test in the first days of the infection. The sensitivity in the first days of infection (0-3 days) is 100% and from 4-7 days it is 90%.

The test does not detect antibodies, but detects if the patient is infected at that moment or not.

The result therefore can be positive or negative. You will recive an email with the instructions to download your results.

How does it work?


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Come to Seafood Expo Global/ Sefood Processig Global facilities on the dayand at the time of your appointment.

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